Discover how to be the shortcut To your audience's success 

You deserve to know yourself, understand yourself, and manifest your desires through you.

When you read your report you will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery.

you will learn how you make the best decisions in life and business.

You will discover how you can recharge your energy so that you can honor your true gifts.

You will be guided by your inner voice when you hit a wall in your journey, and many more...

 your prosperity comes from doing what you love! 

follow your true purpose by design

serve the right niche by design

Create offers out of your 9 superpowers

know how to promote your offers using your superpowers

Discover the 128 expressions every human understands 

Become an effortless attraction writer in your pages, emails, and content

become an effortless attraction speaker for your audience

know when it's the right time to post, create an offer, and promote it

Finally, know How much content is enough according to your design

let your inner voice guide you to know what to do when you feel stuck

what are the right online courses you can create by design

what are the right coaching programs you can create by design

what are the right mentoring programs you can create by design

 You are the Impact Your Audience need 

 Make sure you are following your purpose by design 

inside your human design you'll know if you are doing it right

discover your niche by design

i couldn't believe i was talking to the wrong audience

 manifest by design 

Unlock the 5 key components in your human design chart willing to guide you in your unique manifesting process

 Become the mOVEMENT your audience need to know they are not  alone in their journey 

 by being the highest version of  yourself 

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So that we can generate your Human Design Chart.

 this is a one-time lifetime investment 

In less than 28 days you will receive in your email inbox the PDF Document with around 44 Pages.

We do not send automated reports, we take the time to download all the wisdom that is meant to be delivered to you.

 every report is Fully Customized According to your human design chart 

You can purchase as many reading reports as you need for yourself and your loved ones. 

When you purchase more than one reading, you will be personally guided so that we can deliver the reports to each individual.

 who is your reader? 

Pedro GarcĂ­a is a Time Bender and short-Cutter by design

He is designed to respond to the needs of his audience

since 2016 he has naturally attracted moms to help them in their entrepreneurship journey

Because Moms Taught Him, They Don't Have Time To Waste

That's why he simplifies processes, by doing less and getting more, in ways everyone can benefit

Pedro has been crafting the art of effortless sale since 2016

Pedro Closed His First $10K USD Offer Without Relying On Manipulation Tactics

Since that happened, Pedro doesn't rely on manipulation, fear, or lies to bring clients

Pedro teaches the Effortless sales method to his clients

he is designed to guide his audience to the path of self-discovery without overwhelming and burnout

Pedro spends time on the shores to recharge his energy according to his design

Pedro has a diet by following his human design chart

he has learned human design and Gene keys through the sacred success coaching certification program

he has dedicated 12 months to applying all that wisdom in his life, business, and for his clients

his mentors asked him to share this with the Hispanic community and he is know for doing this in English and Spanish

He Loves Dogs, Butterflies, And Nature

and icecream

 your Genetic Power holds the keys to your success! 

 The first package 

Get your fully printable 44+ pages report

 the Second package 

Get your fully printable 44+ pages report

get Your Fully Customized Report On what's your relationship with Money by design

Get Your Fully customized report on How To Manifest Money according to your Human Design chart

 The third package 

Get your fully printable 44+ pages report

get Your Fully Customized Report On what's your relationship with Money by design

Get Your Fully Customized Report on How To Manifest Money according to your Human Design chart

Get two Sacred Success Coaching sessions to help you work on your strategy

 Do not make this investment if 

You are not ready to invest in either of the three packages

you do not have intentions of using this information to impact your audience

you are doing this from a state of lack, and not full appreciation, self-trust, and abundance

you don't know for sure if this is the correct next step for you 



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